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Replacement Galaxy S8 Displays Not Too Costly

For its 2017 flagship smartphones, Samsung designed a new display called Infinity Display. Both the display and rear side use hardened Gorilla Glass 5, one of the best glass solutions on the market, but even the Glass 5 is still prone to breaking relatively easily.

Apple Covering Cost Of iMac Hinge Repairs

Consumers who've encountered issues with their iMac's hinge won't have to pay to fix the problem. Apple says it'll cover all repair and replacement costs while also issuing refunds to those who have already spent money on a repair. This is a fairly widespread problem.

DJI Launches Care Repair Service For Its Drones

If you have never tried controlling a drone, there is a high possibility to damage one. If you own a drone made by DJI, then there is another chance for your damaged drone. The company has just announced a repair service called Care, that is available for its drones.

LG Confirms Hardware Issues With G4 Phones

LG G4 owners have been struggling with the phone for the past few months, complaining about a mysterious bootloop issue. The problem was that the LG G4 will randomly reboot and get stuck in a bootloop with no apparent resolution and there was not much to do about that.