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The Best Selling Smartphone In 2016 Was iPhone 6S

According to a research firm IHS Markit, who conducted an analysis on the best-selling smartphones of last year, the top spot of the most popular smartphone in 2016 is reserved for Apple. If you thought that the spot is reserved for iPhone 7, you would be surprised to learn that

Samsung Pay Arrives In India

India now has access to Samsung's mobile payments service. Samsung Pay first launched two years ago and now it's available on Galaxy devices in the Indian market. Once your have a credit or debit card attached to the service, you can easily make purchases.

Galaxy S8 Appears Next To iPhone 7 In Leak

Newly leaked photos have appeared on Weibo and they show the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 next to Apple's iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. The images don't reveal anything new about the phone, but they give another look at its design and its comparison to its top competitor.

Samsung Announces Bixby Virtual Assistant

Almost every top-tier company have smart digital assistant, except for Samsung. The South Korean tech giant was rumoured to launch its vision of virtual assistant alongside Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, but the Bixby virtual assistant came a few days earlier.

Samsung U Flex Wireless Headset Gets Certified

At the upcoming press conference, Samsung won't only unveil its new flagship smartphones. The rumour has it that the company is also preparing several other devices, such as a successor to the 360-degree Gear VR camera and a new wireless headset for the phones.