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Samsung Has Sold 5M Galaxy S8 Units Already

The Galaxy S8 has crossed 5 million sales in less than a month, according to a report out of South Korea. An unnamed official from the company told The Investor (Korea) that sales are already beyond "5 million units," though detailed figures aren't going to be released yet.

Samsung Pay Reaches The UK

Samsung's mobile payment service has just arrived to the United Kingdom. The South Korean tech giant will face stiff competition in the UK, where it will compete with Apple Pay and Google's Android Pay, which have been present in the country for over a year.

ZeniMax Files Lawsuit Against Samsung

After first winning against Oculus, ZeniMax has filed a lawsuit against Samsung over its virtual reality technology. The case is based around the same claim that Oculus exec John Carmack worked on VR tech at ZeniMax and inappropriately took that work outside of the company.

Samsung Chromebook Pro Now Up For Preorder

Preorders have begun for Samsung's Chromebook Pro, which was first revealed during CES earlier this year. It's more expensive and powerful than Samsung's other model, the Chromebook Plus, which was also introduced at CES. It has a release date of May 28.

Samsung Preparing New Mid-Range Chipset

Exynos chipset lineup has some very impressive models, but Qualcomm blocked Samsung from selling its Exynos chipsets to other smartphone makers, like LG, Huawei or Xiaomi. Despite that, Samsung is still developing new Exynos, which is used in most of the company's mobile devices.