News tagged: Security

Germany Bans Smartwatches For Kids

Smartwatch for kids are becoming very popular lately, but it looks like there is a lot of room for improvements, especially when it comes to security. Because of the latter, Germany's telecommunications regulator, the Federal Network Agency, announced a ban today on the sale

UK Blames North Korea For WannaCry

The WannaCry malware that spread early this summer has been publicly blamed on North Korea by UK officials. According to Security Minister Ben Wallace, who spoke on the topic during a BBC interview, North Korea is the most likely state actor. The investigation wasn't detailed.

Apple Gives US Senate More Info About Face ID

Apple has responded to a senator's inquiry about Face ID's security, providing more information about the biometric security feature. It provided more info directly in response to a letter from Senator Al Franken who voiced concerns about security and privacy last month.

Major Security Flaw Discovered With WiFi Protocol

A devastating security flaw has been discovered in the main WiFi security protocol, putting millions of people at risk. Mathy Vanhoef, a researcher with imec-DistriNet, discovered a vulnerability in the WPA2 protocol, which is used by essentially all WiFi devices globally.

OnePlus Secretly Collects User Data

OnePlus has some great flagship smartphones, but there are also some things many users didn't know. According to Chris Moore, owner of a UK-based security and tech blog, the company is secretly collecting user data without their permission. He found out that his phone