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Sharp Unveils A Smartphone With 120Hz Display

Sharp is a well-known display manufacturer as they release a few smartphones to show their latest display technology. The Aquos R Compact is such smartphone, which features an interesting display with a thin top and side bezels, curved notch in the center for the front

Sharp Aquos S2 Gets Dissasembled

Sharp's latest premium smartphone has just received a teardown treatment, revealing what is inside and how well it is designed. The phone is relatively easy to fix and probably the biggest problem is opening the phone due to the glued rear panel. Once you get past the back panel,

Sharp Launches Android One Phone With A Huge Battery

Sharp is a well-known manufacturer of various displays, but the company is also offering various smartphones. Now, it has released a new model called Sharp X1, which is an ideal device for anyone that needs a long-lasting smartphone since it is equipped with a battery that is

Sharp Unveils New Mid-Range Handset

Sharp is mostly known for its display products, but they have also been releasing other products such as phones. Today, the company has announced a successor to the Sharp Z2 from 2016, which is aimed towards Taiwanese market, but might reach other countries as well.

Star Wars Branded Sharp Phones Headed To Japan

Ahead of the premiere of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Japan's SoftBank has entered into a deal with the owners of the Star Wars franchise to sell branded smartphones in the country. The phone comes from Sharp and will only be sold in Japan. It's available in Light/Dark variants.