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Sharp Unveils New Mid-Range Handset

Sharp is mostly known for its display products, but they have also been releasing other products such as phones. Today, the company has announced a successor to the Sharp Z2 from 2016, which is aimed towards Taiwanese market, but might reach other countries as well.

Star Wars Branded Sharp Phones Headed To Japan

Ahead of the premiere of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Japan's SoftBank has entered into a deal with the owners of the Star Wars franchise to sell branded smartphones in the country. The phone comes from Sharp and will only be sold in Japan. It's available in Light/Dark variants.

Foxconn Finalizes Acquisition Of Sharp

Over the last few months, Foxconn and Sharp have been trying to complete the $3.5 billion deal, which is now finally done. Foxconn has now officially acquired the debt-ridden Japanese company Sharp and has appointed Tai Jeng-wu as the company's new president and chief executive.

Sharp Announces First Waterproof Android One Phone

Dubbed the Sharp 507SH, the smartphone is the world's first Android One handset with waterproof capabilities. Not only that, but is also Japan's first and only Android One smartphone. The Sharp 507SH will be available from Y!Mobile starting this month, no price tag revealed yet.

Panasonic Ending TV Panel Production

Panasonic is moving entirely to third-party panels for its televisions, leaving Sharp as the only panel maker in Japan. The company says it is ceasing its production at a facility in western Japan, with its focus shifting towards the areas it can differentiate itself.

Foxconn Agrees To Buy Most Of Sharp

Foxconn and Sharp have entered a deal that will see Foxconn acquire most of the company. Reports claim the deal is taking place for $3.5 billion, which is around $900 million less than the original amount mentioned in February. Foxconn will get two-thirds of Sharp.

Foxconn Buys Sharp For $6.2 Billion

There were some rumours that Samsung jumped into the race, but it looks like Sharp has accepted Foxconn's offer and will be acquired for $6.2 billion. The company will acquire two-thirds of Sharp, which is the largest acquisition of a Japanese tech firm by a foreign company.

Samsung To Compete With Foxconn For Sharp

It was reported earlier in February that Sharp had essentially decided to sell itself to Foxconn for $5 billion, but Samsung has jumped into the race and is offering to buy the company "multiple times." Nikkei (Japan) reports Samsung has shown interest in the company.

Foxconn Places $5B Bid For Sharp

Foxconn has reportedly made an offer to buy Sharp for $5 billion. Sharp has been struggling in the recent past and it is considering another significant competing offer from the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, a Japanese government-backed entity.