News tagged: Social Network

Twitter Grows Display Name Length To 50 Characters

It's not just tweets that are getting longer on Twitter. The social network has updated its display name restriction, enabling people to use names as long as 50 characters, up from 20. This will help people add more emoji and it'll be useful for those who have longer names.

Twitter Brings 280 Character Limit To Everyone

Twitter began introducing its new 280-character limit in September, with a select group of users joining a test of the new feature. Now the social network is rolling out the updated character limit to all of its users around the globe, meaning 280-character tweets are staying.

Instagram Adds Preview Tiles For Stories

Earlier this month, Instagram added an option that allows users cross-post stories to Facebook as well as adding guests to live streams. Today, the social network has pushed out another new update that makes some changes/improvements to the Stories.

Facebook Implementing Greater Ad Transparency

Just after we learned of Twitter's new transparency plan for advertisements, particularly political ads, Facebook has detailed a similar initiative. On Friday, the social network announced it would start requiring identity disclosures for all federal election ads in the US.