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Sony Unveils Xperia L1 Entry-Level Smartphone

Shortly after we first heard about the Xperia L1, Sony has decided to introduce it. The successor to the original Xperia L is still an entry-level phone, but it has gained 4G LTE and dual-SIM support, as well as thinner bezels and improved specifications.

Sony To End Production Of PlayStation 3 Very Soon

After long 10 years, the production of PlayStation 3 gaming console will soon come to an end. Sony has now updated the official page of the console with a mention that production is going to end soon in Japan, its home turf where the console is still very popular.

Sony Xperia XA1 To Launch In Europe Next Month

Sony's latest compact Xperia XA1 smartphone is now confirmed to launch next month in Europe and the good thing is it isn't expensive as it was believed. The UK-based retailer Clove has just confirmed that Sony's mid-range Android smartphone is available for order and that it will

Sony To Release PS4 4.50 Update Tomorrow

Sony is set to announce a new, big software update for PlayStation 4. The update has been in testing for over a month and the company has now confirmed that it will start rolling it out tomorrow. Most of the changes have been detailed when the beta was released, but Sony also

Sony Teases Next-Gen Earphones With Open-Ear Tech

Last year, Sony launched new wireless earbuds called Xperia Ear. At this year's MWC, the company has unveiled the next-gen earphones based on open-ear audio technology. The earphones are a product of Sony's Future Lab Program, but they are still in the early prototype phase.

PlayStation VR Approaching 1 Million Sales

Sony has revealed remarkably high sales of the PlayStation VR. In only four months, the virtual reality headset has sold 915,000 units, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House. The company only set a goal of 1 million sales for the first six months.

Sony Xperia Projector Gets Name, Release Date

Sony has finally attached a name and release date to its Xperia projector. The device was introduced during last year's MWC, but few details about it were initially revealed. Now, Sony says the "Xperia Touch" will be released in the spring for €1,599 in Europe.