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Microsoft's LTE Surface Pro Now Confirmed

It has been rumoured for a while that Microsoft will announce new Surface products next month at an event in London and ahead of the event, we have a confirmation that a new Surface Pro will be announced. One UK-based retailer has started pre-orders for the Surface Pro LTE.

ASUS Transformer Pro T304 Goes On Sale

It has been over two years since the introduction of Surface Pro 4, but many companies are having tough times competing with it. Very often, their new products resemble the Surface Pro 4's design to the point of being almost indistinguishable from it, and one such product is

Rumor: Surface Pro 4 Reveal Coming Mid-May

Microsoft may introduce its latest Surface during an event in the middle of May. In the next few weeks, the Surface Pro 4 could be shown off. An anonymous source has told SlashGear that an unveil will occur later in the month--the last Surface announcement came on May 20.

Jide Remix Ultra Is A Surface Pro Running Android

A company that was founded by three ex-Google employees demonstrated a Surface Pro clone at CES 2015. The slate is called Remix Ultra, and the name of the company is Jide. The Jide Remix Ultra has a design language that is very similar to what can be seen on a Surface.