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Android Tablets To Get Google Assistant Soon

Google Assistant has been with us for months now, but it has yet to reach all Android devices. While many smartphones now have the Assistant, which has also reached some Android TV units, the next step for Google is to bring it to tablets. A new version of the Google app has

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Receives Teardown Treatment

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has been with us for a few months now and we have started hearing more about its successor, or should we say a refined version of the handset. In the meantime, the Mi Mix 2 has been torn down by Chinese site ZOL, revealing some improvements and changes

Google Play To Get Audiobooks

A new type of content appears to be headed to the Google Play Store. An APK teardown of Google Play version 8.4 reveals it's going to offer audiobooks, giving Android users a new alternative. It's up against a pretty dominant competitor, Amazon's Audible.

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Teardown Reveals Its Innards

Xiaomi recently announced two new smartphones, the high-end Mi Mix 2 and the more affordable Mi Note 3. While we are still waiting for someone to open the Mi Mix 2, the Mi Note 3 has now been disassembled, revealing its internal design and components.

Sharp Aquos S2 Gets Dissasembled

Sharp's latest premium smartphone has just received a teardown treatment, revealing what is inside and how well it is designed. The phone is relatively easy to fix and probably the biggest problem is opening the phone due to the glued rear panel. Once you get past the back panel,

Meizu Pro 7 Plus Gets Disassembled

Only three days were enough for someone to get ahold of Meizu's latest Pro 7 Plus flagship smartphone and disassemble it. Thanks to a Chinese site and the teardown, we now know every single component inside the phone and steps how to open the phone just in case something

Nokia 3310 Gets Torn Down

As HMD Global finally launched the updated version of the Nokia 3310 globally, we have first durability test and teardown. We are not used at seing teardowns of feature phones, but we all know that Nokia 3310 (2017) is more than just a regular feature phone.

OnePlus 5 Teardown Shows Strong Overall Build

OnePlus has finally launched its new flagship smartphone and first reports show that the "flagship killer" is all but a killer. The OnePlus 5 has good, but not great camera and is mostly an incremental upgrade over its predecessor. Still, the teardown shows decent

Apple iPad Pro Still Very Hard To Repair

Apple's recently announced iPad Pro has just got to iFixit's lab, which means a complete teardown to find out how hard it is to repair and its actual internal design. The popular teardown website got their hands on the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro and discovered this model to be more

Xiaomi Mi 6 Gets Torn Down, Easy To Repair

It was only a matter of time before someone decides to open the Xiaomi's latest flagship smartphone, which went on sale a little over a week ago. The first teardown reveals that the handset is very easy to disassemble, meaning it shouldn't be too expensive to repair.