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Twitter Launching Live API Tomorrow

Twitter is close to releasing a Live video API that'll make it easier for big broadcasters to utilize the network for livestreaming. With the API, Twitter's live video capabilities will grow beyond its existing Periscope integration. The API will be out tomorrow, March 21.

Around 4.8M Twitter Accounts Are Bots

A large portion of the accounts on Twitter aren't from humans, according to a study from the University of Southern California and Indiana University. The study has found an estimated 4.8 million accounts are bots and the problem of bots is one many users will be familiar with.

Leaked 'Never Settle' Image Teases OnePlus 5

Like every other smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus is also working on a flagship model for 2017. Due to several reasons, the company won't call it OnePlus 4, but the OnePlus 5, and the phone is now teased in the leaked Never Settle image, the company's signature quote.

Twitter Announces Three Anti-Abuse Updates

Twitter has outlined three changes it's implementing to deal with abuse and harassment on the platform. First, it wants to make bans more effective by doing what it can to prevent people from making new accounts. It'll try to identify people who've been permanently suspended.