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Verizon Lists 256 GB Pixel And Pixel XL

Verizon is currently running a promotion for Google's latest flagship smartphones, the Pixel and Pixel XL. Both phones have been available so far with up to 128 GB of storage, but according to Verizon, there is also a 256 GB model. Whether this is just a mistake or maybe Google

BlackBerry Mercury Coming Verizon

A few days ago, we got a chance to see the upcoming BlackBerry smartphone that will be manufactured by TCL. The smartphone, codenamed Mercury BBB100, features improved physical keyboard along with high-end specs. The exact release date is unknown at the moment, but it should be

Verizon Comes In First In 93% Of Cases

A study of wireless network performance in the US by Rootmetrics has found Verizon Wireless is the best option 93% of the time. It came in first in 83 of 89 metro areas, based on a fairly scientific evaluation of the networks and some crowdsourced data.