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Verizon Introduces New 2 GB Postpaid Plan For $40

Verizon has announced a new low-tier plan that includes 2 GB of LTE data for $40 per month upfront. The plan is $10 cheaper than its previous lowest-price offer. You'll also get unlimited calling and texting with the plan. It's not a great offer compared to other carriers.

Verizon Spending $350 Million Less On Yahoo

Verizon's final acquisition price for Yahoo will be $350 million lower than was originally revealed. It was recently reported the discount would be $250 million, but now the companies have confirmed the adjustment is larger. The price is now around $4.48 billion.

Verizon Unveils Its Own 'Wear24' Wearable

Verizon is entering the wearable market. Following LG's introduction of its first Android Wear 2.0 devices, Verizon has announced its own product, the Wear24. It runs the latest Android Wear build and comes with pretty standard components. It'll arrive next month.

FCC Drops Zero-Rating Investigations

Under the leadership of a new commissioner, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has dropped all zero-rating investigations. The agency had been examining potentially problematic practices from wireless carriers who favored certain streaming services over others.

Verizon Considering An Acquisition Of Charter

Verizon is interested in potentially acquiring Charter, which recently picked up Time Warner Cable. According to The Wall Street Journal, Verizon is "exploring" the idea and it's far from actually buying the company. If a deal were to occur, the company would be massive.

Verizon Lays Off 155 Go90 Employees

Verizon is readjusting its video streaming division. The company has laid off 155 people in its Go90 team and it plans to rebuild that section using the team it acquired from Vessel last year. Vessel's existence within the company led to there being "some duplicative resources."