News tagged: Wearable

Samsung Working On Two New Wearables

Samsung appears to be readying two new wearables, with model numbers SM-R365 and SM-R600. The latter recently popped up on Bluetooth SIG, while the company has accidentally listed the SM-R365 on its official website, which appears to be called Gear Fit 2 Pro.

Microsoft Emma Watch Can Help Parkinson's Patients

Microsoft has created a wearable device that could help reduce limb tremor in those with Parkinson's. The Emma Watch is a wrist-worn device that uses "vibrating motors" like those in smartphones to "distract the brain" in such a way that abhorrent muscle activity is reduced.

Samsung Working On 'Pro' Fitness Wearable

Samsung is preparing a "pro" wearable that'll join its Gear Fit lineup. The company registered a trademark for the Gear Fit Pro, which suggests we'll see a higher-end fitness and health product from the company fairly soon. The trademark was filed in Europe.

Motiv Reveals Smart Ring That Tracks Your Activity

Motiv has introduced a sensor-filled ring that can track your steps, calories burned, average heart rate, activity type, and distance traveled. Known as the Motiv Ring, the wearable comes with a built-in goal of encouraging users to be active for at least 150 minutes each week.