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Major Security Flaw Discovered With WiFi Protocol

A devastating security flaw has been discovered in the main WiFi security protocol, putting millions of people at risk. Mathy Vanhoef, a researcher with imec-DistriNet, discovered a vulnerability in the WPA2 protocol, which is used by essentially all WiFi devices globally.

8000 Towns, Villages In Europe To Get Free WiFi

Thousands of towns and villages across Europe will be outfitted with free public WiFi as part of the WiFi4EU initiative. According to the European Commission, a political agreement was reached this week to launch the program. $134 million has been pledge to the project.

Google Wifi Arrives In Canada

Google's home WiFi system, simply called Google Wifi, is now available in Canada. It has already arrived in the US and UK markets, and now people can get a single unit for $179 CAD or a triple pack for $439 CAD. Google Wifi uses a mesh router setup to improve coverage.

Samsung Galaxy Book Arrives April 21

Samsung's 2-in-1 Galaxy Book will go on sale tomorrow, April 21. The Windows 10 product, which has a tablet-like design and a snap-on keyboard, was introduced during Mobile World Congress. No release date was announced during its unveil. The LTE version will be sold first.

PS4 Update Appears To Cause WiFi Issues

The 4.50 firmware update for the PlayStation 4 has led to WiFi issues for some users. A lot of console owners report they've been unable to connect to a wireless network ever since installing the update. Wired connections appear to be working fine with the system.

Skype Ending Its 'WiFi' Service Next Month

Skype WiFi is going to shut down on March 31, with the company opting to focus on its "core" features instead. WiFi allowed users to purchase wireless access at public hotspots for an amount that was generally less than the typical fee. Users have been notified.