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Nintendo Wii Shop Closing Down In 2019

Nintendo is currently enjoying the popularity of its latest gaming console, the Nintendo Switch, and it looks like it wants to focus more on developing new things for the platform. With that said, the company announced that it plans to shut down the Wii Shop Channel.

Wii U Production Officially Ends In Japan

Nintendo has stopped making the Wii U for the Japanese market. According to an update posted on the company's website, Wii U production has ceased in the country. No update about the console's availability or production for other regions was provided.

Nintendo Denies Ending Wii U Production

Reports claiming production of the Wii U will come to an end later this week are "not true," says Nintendo. Eurogamer had reported the console's production would cease on Friday. A Nintendo spokesperson has since responded, stating production is "scheduled to continue."

Nintendo Prevails In Wii Patent Cases

Nintendo has one in two cases centered around patent claims for its Wii console. The cases were won on December 19 and December 22, and both involved claims against Nintendo from patent holders that were deemed invalid. In the first case which involved

Disney Infinity Now Free On Wii U

Disney Infinity is completely free to download on the Wii U's Nintendo eShop. Gamers who are looking to play the original game on the most recent Nintendo console can now easily do so. Playing Disney Infinity does require other products, however, since it is

Game For Old Wii Comes With Free Wii U Upgrade

The Nintendo Wii is a bit outdated, and at this point, there are just two more games set to be released on the old console. One of those games is Skylanders: Trap Team, and since so many people are moving towards the Wii U now that the old version of the console

LeapFrog Launching A Child-Friendly Game Console

LeapFrog will be launching LeapTV in October of this year. The new gaming console will be similar to the Wii and Microsoft's Kinect. Motion sensors will allow the kids to interact with characters on-screen. The games are designed to be easy on the kid's eyes unlike...

FIFA 15 coming to 3DS and Wii, skips Wii U

As it turns out, Nintendo's 3DS and Wii will join the list of platforms supported by FIFA 15. Slated to release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 23, the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, 3DS and PS Vita versions will come in at a later date. Note that "not all game features...

User-Created Nintendo Server Keeps Games Online

It may be possible to play certain Nintendo DS and Wii games online even though Nintendo has officially ended multiplayer support for both consoles. Fans of the two platforms have created their own Wi-Fi server that is meant to host multiplayer games in the same way...

UK To Get Just Dance 2014 On October 4th

Ubisoft has just announced that the latest title in their Just Dance franchise, Just Dance 2014, will become available in the United Kingdom this coming Friday, October 4th on Nintendo's Wii and Wii U system, and the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 consoles.

Wii Mini Arrives in the UK on March 22nd

Nintendo's $99 Wii Mini console, which debuted in Canada ahead of Holiday 2012, will be launched in the UK on March 22nd, at an unknown price. The compact variant of the Wii lets you catch up on most Wii classics while staying offline, no sign-ins required.

Nintendo Wii Mini Launched

Barely a day after it was leaked by Best Buy Canada, Nintendo launched the Wii Mini, its dark-horse for the winter shopping season, exclusive to Canada. Starting at just CA $99, the Wii Mini plays everything the Wii does, in a compact, Christmassy red design.

Nintendo Wii Mini Picture Leaked

Best Buy Canada website leaked a picture of Nintendo's upcoming Wii Mini game console on its homepage, which arrives on December 07, just in time for your X'mas shopping. The retailer is accepting orders which will likely ship by the second week of December.