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Windows 10 Source Code Leaked, Microsoft Confirms

Parts of Windows 10's source code leaked online, Microsoft has confirmed. Files dealing with USB, storage, and WiFi drivers for the operating system appeared on the Beta Archive this week. Microsoft says it confirmed the files are from "code from the Shared Source Initiative."

ASUS Announces Updated Chromebook Flip C100

Besides all these new Windows 10 gaming laptops and convertibles, ASUS has also unveiled something bit different - a new Chromebook. The new Chromebook is a successor to a relatively inexpensive Chromebook Flip C100, which was unveiled way back in 2015.

Next-Gen Huawei Matebook Launching Next Week

Huawei's MateBook lineup is making a return this year with three new models, instead of just one. The lineup will consist out of MateBook E, X, and D, and all three will have next-gen processors and run Windows 10. Rumors suggest that the company is also preparing a big design

iTunes Is Headed To The Windows Store

Spotify was confirmed for the Windows Store last week and now Microsoft has announced another major addition: Apple's iTunes. This is significant given the app's importance for the Windows Store and because of Apple's usual reluctance in offering its software on other platforms.

Windows 10 Has 500 Million Monthly Active Devices

Half a billion devices are using Windows 10 each month, Microsoft revealed during its Build developer conference. The operating system has been growing at about twice the rate of Windows 8. Windows 10 was at 200 million in January 2016 and it reached 270 million in March 2016.

First Windows 10 Version Loses Support

Microsoft is cutting off support for the original version of Windows 10, which was released nearly two years ago in July 2015. Three large updates to the OS have rolled out to users since then. As of May 9, the first version is no longer being updated.

Windows 10 Grows To 300M Daily Users

Windows 10 reached an install base of 200 million devices in January 2016. More than a year later, the operating system is now being used by around 300 million people each day. Microsoft says it's the best adoption rate it's ever seen for a Windows operating system.