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Redstone 3 Arriving This September

Windows 10's Redstone 3 update is going to arrive in September and Microsoft has confirmed it plans to release updates twice per year. Those releases are being planned for March and September of each year. Each will be supported for 18 months. Preview builds are coming out now.

Windows 10 To Throttle Background Apps

In order to save your battery life, Microsoft is adding a background app throttling feature to Windows 10. The feature has appeared in preview build 16176 and it may be able to save up to 11% of battery usage. Your computer must be running an Intel 6th gen processor.

Windows Vista Support Ends Today

Microsoft is officially ending its support for Windows Vista today. The operating system is only being used by 0.72% of the desktop market, indicating the end of support won't be highly problematic. However, that market share still covers up to 10 million people.

Android Is Now The Internet's Top OS

The top operating system among internet users is no longer Windows. Instead, data from Statcounter indicates Android has become the most popular OS, accounting for 37.93% of activity during March 2017. That was barely just ahead of Microsoft Windows' 37.91%.

Microsoft Removes All Lumia Phones From Its Store

Just days after the German police in Hamburg purchased 900 Lumia smartphones at the cost of €100,000, Microsoft has decided to remove all Lumia smartphones from its online store in the United Kingdom. Currently, there are only two choices left if you want to purchase a Windows

US Army Buys 10,000 Rugged Windows 10 Tablets

The United States Army has ordered a massive number of rugged Windows 10 tablets. The Global Combat Support System (GCSS-Army) branch of the Army put in an order for 9,783 Getac F110 G3 tablets with docking stations. The device was put through a lot of testing.

Microsoft Ending Vista Support In Under A Month

Microsoft's support for Windows Vista is rapidly coming to an end. The operating system will no longer be supported come April 11, which means those who are still on the platform will stop getting security updates, non-security updates, and assisted support options.

Playable Ads On Windows 10 Let You Try Apps

Microsoft has launched a preview of Playable Ads, a new format that lets people try a Windows 10 app before actually downloading it. The format is similar to Google's Instant Apps, which give people a chance to run Android software without an installation.

Microsoft Reduces Windows Update Sizes By 35%

Windows update downloads after the Creators Update this year are going to be noticeably smaller. The new Unified Update Platform will be available to retail users with the Creators Update and it'll shrink the size of future downloads by about 35 on average.