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Microsoft Officially Launches Xbox One X

As promised earlier, Microsoft has officially launched its latest gaming console worldwide today. The "world's most powerful console" is now available for purchase in a total of 35 markets worldwide, with pricing to vary depending on local taxes in each region.

Xbox One X Works With 1440p Displays

The Xbox One X will play nice resolutions above 1080p that aren't 4K. Microsoft has confirmed the console is going to support 2560 x 1440 (1440p) displays. Although the focus is on 4K when it comes to developing higher-res games, many gaming monitors are 1440p.

Microsoft Officially Kills The Kinect

The Kinect is no more. Microsoft launched the motion-sensing device seven years ago and it has sold 35 million units since then. Now, the company has confirmed all manufacturing is over and the Kinect will no longer be sold. Its technology will persist in other products.

Xbox One Gaining Xbox Compatibility This Year

The Xbox One is still going to receive backwards compatibility support for the original Xbox and that feature is set to arrive this year. Microsoft announced Xbox support was coming during E3 this summer, but it hasn't said much since then. Phil Spencer confirmed it's on track.

Xbox One Gains Game Gifting

Game gifting is rolling out on the Xbox One, with it initially becoming available for some members of the Xbox Insider program. With this feature, users can gift any title from the Microsoft Store to another player via Xbox Live. Microsoft didn't announce its availability.

Minecraft's Cross-Platform Update Is Now Out

An update bringing cross-platform support to Minecraft is now available for Xbox, PC, and mobile. The "Better Together" update lets people play the same version of the game with each other across systems. All of the aforementioned versions run on the Bedrock Engine.

Xbox One Game Capture Getting 1080p Upgrade

The Xbox One's built-in gameplay capture feature is going to receive an upgrade to 1080p. Since the console was released, players have been stuck with 720p 30 fps recordings, though the more recent Xbox One X offers 4K recording. The update is currently limited to Insiders.

Destiny 2 Already Has Millions Of Players

Within hours of its servers coming online, Destiny 2 has already amassed "millions" of players, says Bungie. The game became available on September 6 and it didn't take long for people to pile in. Early reviews have been positive, stating it builds upon the successes of Destiny.