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YouTube TV Reaches 14 New Cities In The US

YouTube TV service recently went live in 10 cities in the United States and Google has now announced another major expansion of the service, spreading its availability to more areas quite fast. The service has reached 14 new cities in the United States and is now available in 29

Moto Z2 Force Holds Up Great In Durability Test

Motorola's flagship Moto Z smartphones are known for having a shatter-proof display that doesn't crack easily. Not only that, but Motorola also gives a four-year warranty against shattering and cracking from the original purchase date. The only question now is how durable

YouTube Gets In-App Messaging Feature

Over the last few days, YouTube has made a lot of changes and more have been announced today. The video platform has just received a new messaging feature that will help users to chat and share videos within the app with others much easier. It is also possible to respond to a

YouTube Music Now Offering Music Downloads

Songs, albums, and playlists can now be saved in YouTube Music for offline listening. This capability has appeared on the music streaming service ahead of an upcoming merge of YouTube Music with Google Play Music. Basically no offline listening options were available before now.

YouTube TV Reaches New Countries

YouTube TV is the service that Google launched back in April, but like every other new product, there are things that could be improved. The biggest problem with the service is that it only worked in five major US cities, including New York, the San Francisco Bay Area,

WhatsApp To Get In-App YouTube Support

More companies are thinking about joining the messaging app market, including Amazon, but it will take some time if they want to challenge Viber and WhatsApp, two messaging apps that are definitely ahead of others and both are adding new features every month.

YouTube Tests Video Thumbnail Previews

With a portion of its users, YouTube has begun trying out GIF-like video previews on thumbnails. Viewers can hover over a video's thumbnail to see part of its content. This test reportedly began on desktop a couple weeks ago and it has expanded recently to reach more users.

YouTube For Android TV Gets New User Interface

It has been a long time, over a year, since Google updated its YouTube app for Android TV, but finally the new app is here. The main highlight of the new app is an entirely redesigned interface alongside few functional changes and hopefully bug fixes for issues that some people

YouTube Mobile App To Adjust Based On Video Size

YouTube's mobile application is receiving an update in the coming weeks that'll include dynamic video resizing, improving the appearance of some videos. The new feature will change how a video looks based on its size and ratio. This will be useful when watching vertical videos.

YouTube TV Reaches 10 New Markets

Google launched its new streaming service called YouTube TV back in April, but at first, it was limited to 4 major markets. To further improve the service, the company has now announced its biggest expansion of YouTube TV, which is now coming to 10 new markets.

YouTube Announces VR180 Video Format

Not everyone wants to watch the 360-degree videos as the technology has yet to mature. Because of that, YouTube is working on a new virtual reality format for creating content in 180-degrees called 'VR180.' YouTube also said that the format would allow creators to make VR

YouTube Introduces Heatmaps For VR Creators

VR content is still in its early days, but with every passing day, more contents are posted online. Because of that, YouTube wants to help you to create better 360-degree and virtual reality videos by introducing new analytic tools, allowing creators