News tagged: YouTube

YouTube Kids Reaches Smart TVs

YouTube's Kids app, which offers a content selection that's acceptable for children, is now available on smart TVs and it'll soon reach Android TV. Kids is popular in many households as it makes it easy for parents to give their children access to kid-friendly content.

YouTube Expands Mobile Livestreaming

YouTube's mobile livestreaming is now available for a larger set of creators. Anyone with over 1,000 subscribers can use the feature. YouTube had previously been restricting mobile streaming to accounts with over 10,000 subscribers. You can stream from the mobile app.

Motorola Moto X Leaks In Official Video

Motorola's upcoming Moto X phone isn't a new to us, as we have already seen many leaked renders and specifications. However, this time, the smartphone has leaked in a video that the Moto USA uploaded to YouTube to celebrate 44-years of mobile phone calls.

AT&T, Verizon Pull Ads From Google And YouTube

AT&T and Verizon have joined a growing group of companies and other entities that are no longer advertising on Google's platform. The advertisers have complained about their ads showing up next to hate speech and other extreme content on the web and on YouTube.

YouTube Getting Rid Of Annotations

Annotations are about to become a thing of the past on YouTube. The site is removing them to make newly posted video more optimized for mobile viewing. Features like Cards and End-Screens will fill in the role that annotations once had. Cards and End-Screens work well on mobile.

YouTube Will Be On Comcast X1 Box This Year

The Comcast X1 set-top box will receive a YouTube application sometime later this year. Through a deal between Comcast and Google, the video site is going to be available and voice commands will be supported. The box already includes Netflix, one of the top streaming services.