News Posts by Seth Fitzgerald

Preorders For Alexa Moto Mod Start November 7

Motorola will begin accepting preorders for the Alexa Moto Mod on November 7 and the product will ship out on November 13. The new $150 accessory for its Moto Z smartphones is first going to be sold by Motorola and, shortly after which Verizon will start selling it.

Softbank Increasing Its Stake In Sprint

After failing to work out a merger deal with T-Mobile owner Deutsche Telekom, Softbank is increasing its stake in Sprint. The Japanese company has confirmed it's going to increase its share through stock deals or another method. It hasn't said how much its share will increase.

Broadcom Offering $130B For Qualcomm

Broadcom, a wireless chip maker, is officially offering $130 billion for Qualcomm. The deal would be the largest tech acquisition in history, but Broadcom is going to face a difficult negotiation period and likely fights with regulators. Its offer is a 30% premium.

Amazon Now Discounting Items From Third-Parties

Third-party sellers on Amazon's platform could see their items discounted by a new initiative that involves the ecommerce company reducing list prices at its own expense. A new "Discount provided by Amazon" tag has appeared that'll reduce prices as much as 9%.