News Posts by Seth Fitzgerald

Google Play To Get Audiobooks

A new type of content appears to be headed to the Google Play Store. An APK teardown of Google Play version 8.4 reveals it's going to offer audiobooks, giving Android users a new alternative. It's up against a pretty dominant competitor, Amazon's Audible.

iPhone X Shipping Estimates Drop To 3-4 Weeks

If you're buying the iPhone X online from the Apple Store you may get it faster than was expected only a week ago. The device's shipping window has now dropped to 3-4 weeks, after having risen to 5-6 weeks shortly after the phone's preorder period began.

Tech Companies File In Support Of DACA

Silicon valley has been strongly opposed to the Trump administration's move against Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). That program, which protects illegal immigrants who entered the country as children, was effectively halted by President Trump in September.

Sprint, T-Mobile Working To Salvage Negotiations

Talks between Sprint and T-Mobile about a potential merger recently broke down when both sides offered deals the other wouldn't accept. There's been a fight over who will have a controlling stake in the combined company, with Sprint owner Softbank aiming to hold that position.