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T-Mobile, Sprint Are Close To A Merger Agreement

T-Mobile and Sprint aren't just lightly discussing a merger, they may actually be close to an agreement, reports Reuters. A merger of those carriers has been in discussion for years, but with the introduction of the Trump administration to the equation, it's become plausible.

Uber Loses Its London License

Uber has lost its ability to operate in one of its largest European markets, London. The ridehailing service was told by the region's transport regulator (TfL) that it's not "fit and proper to hold a private hire operator license." It's going to appeal the decision.

Microsoft Opening First Retail Store In London

Microsoft is reportedly going to open its first retail store in London, UK. A report in RetailWeek reveals the company is looking to secure a building at the well-known shopping venue Oxford Circus. It could sign a 10-year lease for the location by early October.

Google Acquires HTC's Smartphone Business

It was obvious that at some point, HTC would have to sell its smartphone business and the first buyer in the line was Google. The two companies have now announced that they have reached a deal and that Google would pay $1.1 billion in cash to acquire the smartphone division from

Waymo Seeking At Least $2.6B From Uber

In its trade secret case against Uber, Alphabet's Waymo will be seeking at least $2.6 billion in damages, according to Reuters. That figure was revealed by an attorney on Uber's side during a court hearing on Wednesday. Waymo is seeking that amount for just one secret.