Gaming News

EA Closing The Studio Behind Dead Space

EA has announced it's shutting down Visceral Games, the studio responsible for some big titles, including the Dead Space series and Battlefield Hardline. Visceral's parent company plans to move the majority of employees to other projects with other groups, minimizing layoffs.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Added To EA, Origin Access

Mass Effect: Andromeda can now be played for free if you have a subscription to either Origin Access for PC or EA Access for the Xbox One. Andromeda will be accessible through the Origin and EA Access Vaults so long as you remain an active, paying subscriber.

Microsoft Pushes Age Of Empires Remaster To 2018

Microsoft is no longer going to release its remastered version of Age of Empires this year. Instead, the game has been pushed back to 2018. The company said the game would be ready on October 19, so it has announced the delay just ahead of the anticipated release.

Overwatch Grows To 35M Players

Blizzard's popular shooter, Overwatch, now has 35 million players. The game has been out on consoles and PC since May 2016 and its last milestone of 30 million players was announced in April 2017. Blizzard is sharing its total player count rather than the number of actives.

Doom Reaches Nintendo Switch In November

Doom will become available on the Nintendo Switch next month, id Software has revealed. Marty Stratton, the game's executive producer, confirmed players will receive the entire campaign and all of the available difficulty modes. It arrives on November 10.

Xbox One Gaining Xbox Compatibility This Year

The Xbox One is still going to receive backwards compatibility support for the original Xbox and that feature is set to arrive this year. Microsoft announced Xbox support was coming during E3 this summer, but it hasn't said much since then. Phil Spencer confirmed it's on track.

IGN Buys Humble Bundle Game Shop

IGN, one of the largest gaming and entertainment media companies, is acquiring Humble Bundle. Users aren't going to notice any changes on the indie game store, says Humble Bundle. The company's "office, culture, and amazing team" won't be affected by the deal.

Hulu Will Offer Four New eSports Series

Hulu has ordered four eSports series from ESL, one of the largest content producers and tournament hosts in the industry. The shows are going to arrive in the United States later this year. They represent the streaming service's first notable move into gaming content.

PUBG Headed Towards 2M Concurrent Players

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is fast approaching a remarkable milestone of 2 million concurrent players. It's already the best-performing game on Steam in that respect, having surpassed Dota 2's 1 million concurrent players. Recent data shows it's peaked at 1.96 million.

CCP Announces Mobile Expansion For 'Eve Online'

Eve Online, a space-based MMORPG, is headed to mobile devices. iOS and Android users won't have access to the same title per se, they'll instead get to play in the Eve universe with a game called Project Aurora. This title was co-developed by PlayRaven.

Sony Also Announces The PlayStation Credit Card

Aside from announcing new virtual reality headset, or should we say an updated version of the PlayStation VR, Sony has also announced something for the PlayStation gamers. If you often purchase new things from the PlayStation Store, then you are probably interested in some