Gaming News

Xbox One Game Capture Getting 1080p Upgrade

The Xbox One's built-in gameplay capture feature is going to receive an upgrade to 1080p. Since the console was released, players have been stuck with 720p 30 fps recordings, though the more recent Xbox One X offers 4K recording. The update is currently limited to Insiders.

Minecraft Now Available On New 3DS

Minecraft is now available on the New 3DS handheld game system and a retail release will occur shortly. Nintendo announced the game's availability during a Direct presentation on Twitch. Included with the New 3DS version of the title are its survival and creative modes.

Doom, Wolfenstein II Headed To Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch versions of Doom and Wolfenstein II are on the way, says Bethesda. The publisher has announced last year's Doom and the upcoming Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will be available on the platform. Doom will arrive this holiday season.

Nintendo Bringing Back NES Classic Next Year

The NES Classic was nearly impossible to find after its launch last year and Nintendo eventually stopped selling the mini-console, but we haven't actually seen the end of the system. Nintendo has announced it's going to bring back the NES Classic next year.

Nintendo Sold Over 5 Million Switch Units

Nintendo is currently enjoying the popularity of its Switch gaming console. While many people were skeptical about the Nintendo Switch, even Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO of Pokemon company, the console turned out great in the end and Nintendo has now announced that they

Destiny 2 Reaches 1.2M Concurrent Players

Destiny 2 is only available on consoles, but it's already become a fairly massive game. Over the weekend, Bungie announced the title had reached a milestone of 1.2 million concurrent players online. The PC release could push that number significantly higher.

iPhone 8 Said To Ship After iPhone 7s

Because of production difficulties, Apple reportedly won't ship the iPhone 8 until after the iPhone 7s becomes available. It's going to reveal three new handsets, including the iPhone 8, next week. Yet a release won't be possible in the immediate future.

Destiny 2 Already Has Millions Of Players

Within hours of its servers coming online, Destiny 2 has already amassed "millions" of players, says Bungie. The game became available on September 6 and it didn't take long for people to pile in. Early reviews have been positive, stating it builds upon the successes of Destiny.

Minecraft Marketplace Creators Earn $1M In 2 Months

Creators for the recently launched Minecraft Marketplace have generated $1 million in revenue in just two months. The store features digital items made by the community. Those items can be sold to others, with Microsoft then paying out earnings. Marketplace launched during E3.

Nintendo Switch To Get More FIFA Games

More FIFA titles are likely to be released for the Nintendo Switch moving forward, says EA. Fans of the series have been worried EA won't focus on releasing FIFA games on the platform after FIFA 18 arrives. But the company has indicated that's not the case.