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Overwatch Gets Deathmatch Mode

Deathmatch is now an available game mode in Overwatch, allowing people to forego fighting over objectives and instead focus exclusively on killing other players. You can either fight against all other players or engage in team modes that'll pit two teams against each other.

Microsoft Ends Original Xbox One Sales

Microsoft has stopped selling the original Xbox One in the United States, choosing to only offer the Xbox One S and Xbox One X through its online store. The only way you can get the original model is if you buy a refurb unit. Microsoft hasn't confirmed if all sales are ending.

Xbox One X Is The Fastest Selling Xbox Preorder

The Xbox One X is officially the fastest-selling Xbox preorder in Microsoft's history, the company has confirmed. In the first five days of its availability, more people preordered the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition than any other Xbox console. Preorders began Sunday.

Razer Unveils New Controller For Xbox And PC

If you are looking for a new Xbox or PC controller, then take a look at Razer's new Wolverine Ultimate controller. It is mainly designed for Xbox console, but it also works on PC. It is priced at $159.99 and will go on sale next month. The controller comes with some unique

EA Planning To Continue With Mass Effect

Though Mass Effect: Andromeda hasn't been a well-received game, EA isn't going to abandon the series. Patrick Soderlund, EA's executive VP, says he sees no reason for the company to no longer come out with Mass Effect titles. Though the franchise should be revisited in a new way.

Sony Announces New Pro Controller For PS4

Just hours after the limited edition Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation 4 console is unveiled, Sony has announced a new Pro controller for the PS4. Called Revolution Pro Controller 2, the premium peripheral is made by Nacon and although looks similar to its predecessor, it comes

Hulu Brings Live TV Service To Xbox 360

Despite being quite an old platform, the Xbox 360 continues to be supported by some major apps, including Hulu. The company has just launched its live TV streaming service on the console. With a monthly fee of around $40, you can receive access to live television content.

Final Fantasy XV Is Now Headed To PC

Final Fantasy XV is officially going to be released on PC, Square Enix has announced. The upcoming "Windows Edition" of the game comes with all of the title's free updates and DLC that have been available on consoles. It's going to be released for the platform early next year.