Internet News

Google Maps Adds Planets, Moons For Exploration

You can now explore a lot more than just Earth with Google Maps. The service has been updated to include additional planets and moons in our solar system. With this update, Maps is offering imagery for 16 celestial bodies. Google had previously offered some imagery of Mars.

Facebook Tests A Resume Feature

Facebook is trying out a resume feature that could help it become a slightly more business-centric social network and therefore a competitor to LinkedIn. Screenshots of the feature are available now that it has rolled out to some users. Resumes are separate from profiles.

IGN Buys Humble Bundle Game Shop

IGN, one of the largest gaming and entertainment media companies, is acquiring Humble Bundle. Users aren't going to notice any changes on the indie game store, says Humble Bundle. The company's "office, culture, and amazing team" won't be affected by the deal.

Bitcoin Far Exceeds $5,000

Bitcoin has quickly blown past its prior record of nearly $5,000. The cryptocurrency jumped to $5,856 on Friday, possibly in connection with Coinbase's announcement that it would begin offering instant currency purchases. The currency jumped 21% in 48 hours.

Bitcoin Reaches A New High Above $4,900

Bitcoin reached a new all-time high today, with the cryptocurrency going for $4,926 per coin, according to Bloomberg. Today's high was just over the $4,921 the digital currency grew to in early September. After that prior record, Bitcoin quickly fell upon news of a crackdown.

YouTube Prohibits Gun Conversion Videos

YouTube has banned gun conversion tutorials from its platform shortly after a mass shooting in Las Vegas. The videos specifically being targeted by this ban instruct users on how to potentially increase the damage that can be done by their weapons using modifications.