Networking News

Instagram Reaches 700M Users

Facebook-owned Instagram now has more than 700 million monthly active users, up from the 600 million in reported in December. It experienced faster growth in the past five months than during any other time in its history. It's added 200 million people since last June.

Twitter Intends To Broadcast Live 24/7

Twitter is increasing its livestreamed content to include a broadcast at all hours of the day. While speaking with Buzzfeed News, Twitter COO Anthony Noto says the company plans to stream sports, news, and entertainment via its apps and on desktop 24/7.

LinkedIn Grows To 500M Users

Microsoft's business-centric social network LinkedIn now has more than 500 million users. The company announced its milestone in a blog post, revealing it has gained around 33 million people since late 2016. Microsoft acquired the network late last year.

Instagram Stories Has 200M Users

Instagram Stories continues to rack up a ton of users. It has grown to over 200 million daily active users, surpassing the 100 million it had in October and the 150 million that were reported in January. Stories is a copycat of features found in Snapchat.

Facebook Messenger Grows To 1.2B Users

1.2 billion people are using Facebook Messenger every month, up from the 1 billion Facebook reported in July 2016. Considering 200 million users in total would be a significant user base for most apps, that kind of growth over an 8-month period indicates Messenger is doing well.

Twitter Tests @Support Bot

If you have a question pertaining to Twitter's platform, a new support bot may be able to help. The social network is testing a bot on its @support account that'll soon answer basic user questions through direct messages. Twitter is still just testing the feature.

Twitter Announces 'Lite' Data-Saving Site

A new mobile version of Twitter has been announced that'll use less data and work better on 3G/2G networks. Twitter Lite isn't a new app, but rather a lighter version of the network's mobile site. With its Data Saver mode, the site should be more accessible to more people.