Networking News

OurMine Takes Over Multiple CNN Accounts

Hacker group OurMine temporarily gained control of multiple CNN accounts on Facebook. It gained access to CNN's primary page, CNN International, and CNN Politics. The group proceeded to make its presence known by posting information about itself and linking to its site.

Facebook Boosting Longer Videos In News Feed

Longer videos are receiving a boost in their News Feed presence, though only if people actually watch them. Facebook says it decided the "percent competition" figure should mean more when a video is longer. Therefore, long videos that hold a user's attention will appear higher.

Facebook Slideshows Arriving On Android

Facebook's Slideshow feature arrived on iOS in June 2016 and it's finally beginning to roll out on Android. It's only slowly beginning to arrive, so not everyone has access to it yet. When it's available, the feature shows up when making a new status post.

Facebook Stops Clearly Labelling Edited Posts

It's no longer going to be as obvious if a Facebook post has been edited when you're browsing your feed. The social network has stopped displaying an "edited" label next to the timestamp of posts. You must click the drop-down menu in the corner to see if something has changed.