Networking News

Instagram Adding Ads To 'Stories'

Instagram has found a new place to include ads. The Facebook-owned social network is testing ads that'll display between Stories, which also means they're skippable. Users will begin seeing the ads in the coming weeks, according to Instagram. The ads are under 15 seconds.

Intel Announces 5G Modem At CES 2017

4G infrastructure is now available in almost every country and companies have started pushing out the new 5G connectivity. While it will take a while before public gets 5G network, Intel has now announced its 5G modem at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas.

Twitter Wants To Let Users Edit Tweets

Tweet editing could be on the way, but the social network needs to figure out how it should be implemented. To close out the year, CEO Jack Dorsey polled users on what features they want to see added in 2017. Editable tweets was a common and well received request.

Twitter Developing Breaking News Alert Feature

Twitter users who rely on the social network as a source of news may soon gain another way to learn about the day's biggest stories. A breaking news alert feature is in testing and is being trialed with users. Many people were exposed to the alerts for the first time yesterday.

Facebook Adds Colors To Text Posts

Text status updates on Facebook can now come with color backgrounds. The social network added support for a number of background colors, though it only allows them to be used on text posts. You cannot apply the colors when links, images, or videos are involved.

Twitter Considers Adding Encrypted DMs

Twitter will consider an update to direct messages that will add support for encrypted content to that part of the app. CEO Jack Dorsey says the request for "secret, burn-after-reading" direct messages is something that's reasonable and will be considered internally.

Facebook Reveals A Plan For Fighting Fake News

Facebook has more clearly laid out a plan for dealing with fake news on the network. It announced on Thursday that it'll make reporting easier and it'll work with third-party fact-checking agencies to verify content is fake. Disputed content will be marked as such.

Instagram Reaches 600 Million Users

There are now 600 million active users on Instagram, Facebook's photo and video-centric social network. Of those, 100 million joined in the past six months and Instagram's user count has doubled in the past two years. This growth comes alongside the introduction of new features.