Networking News

Facebook App Adds WiFi Finder

Using the data associated with Pages, Facebook's app is receiving a WiFi finder feature. The social network has been promoting the availability of free WiFi and trying to get businesses to offer it. You can search your area to find free and public WiFi.

Twitter Expands Mute, Report Functionality

In its continued fight against abusive behavior, Twitter has introduced more muting and reporting features. Muting, which is currently limited to specific people, will now be possible for keywords, phrases, emojis, and hashtags. Users can therefore filter out almost anything.

PayPal Support Added To Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger users can now select PayPal as their payment option inside the app. PayPal has become the only option for sending money other than a regular debit card. An accompanying Messenger feature lets you receive notifications about recent PayPal activity.

Instagram Tests Live Video Streaming

Instagram is now the latest in a string of apps to test live video streaming. The app, which is owned by Facebook, is reportedly testing a livestreaming ability that is built into Stories. You can go live using a red button labelled "Go Insta!" Instagram has remained quiet.

Facebook Adds Ability To Endorse Candidates

If you want to avoid arguments and you have a politically diverse group of friends, avoiding Facebook's latest feature is likely a good idea. The social network has introduced the ability to publicly endorse a candidate and the feature is rolling out in time for the election.