Software News

Huawei Watch 2 Pro Launches In China

Huawei's recently announced smartwatch is now officially available for purchase in China. Just a week after the announcement, the Watch 2 Pro can be purchased for around $390 via Huawei's online store vMall,, and other Chinese retailers. There is no information when the

Gmail Receives Native Add-Ons

Third-parties are now able to come out with add-ons that'll be integrated directly with Gmail. Support for add-ons was revealed by Google earlier this year and it has just now arrived. Among the first developers to work with the capability are Asana, Trello, and DialPad.

Google Play's Instant Apps Start Appearing

Instant Apps, which allow you to try new pieces of software before fully installing them, are now showing up on Google Play. You'll notice the feature is available if a "try it now" button appears on an app's listing. If you tap it you'll get to trial the app without a download.