New Twitter Search Results Page Available For All Web Users

Twitter's updated search results interface has expanded to become available for all web users. Logged-in users will see more filter options and a cleaner design when searching the network. Some users have had access to the interface since 2014. Filters are available for top tweets, live tweets, accounts, photos, videos, news, etc.

Ease-of-use has long been a problem for the social network even though frequent users find it to be a great service. Making the search interface easier to use is part of a series of changes Twitter has made to improve the service's usability.

Searches can be saved or embedded from the same drop-down that reveals additional filter options. The content and buttons in the search interface are now larger and the entire search page is far less cluttered.

We're rolling out a new search experience to users on web. Like other features, we will continue to iterate and improve on this, to make it even easier for users to find what they are looking for when they search on Twitter. - Twitter spokesperson