New Apple TV Has A Large Heatsink, Good Repairability

The latest Apple TV has been announced and a teardown from iFixit reveals the device relies on a large heatsink to cool down its upgraded dual-core A8 chip. While it normally makes products slimmer, Apple had to increase the size of the fourth-generation Apple TV in order to add more functionality to it. This model is 50% heavier and half an inch taller than its predecessor.

iFixit completed this teardown with an early developer unit, but the Apple TV that ships to consumers should be the same.

Since the teardown revealed a "distinct lack of cables connecting the power supply to the logic board," iFixit believes power is transmitted through the heat sink's screw posts. With that design, Apple keeps the device clean internally.

iFixit gave the fourth-gen Apple TT an 8/10 for overall repairability, but not all parts are easy to repair since "almost everything important on the Apple TV is soldered to the logic board, which means replacement or board-level soldering is required to solve port problems."