Twitter Launches 'Moments' Feature For Curated Posts

Twitter has introduced one of the biggest features it has ever rolled out. The feature, called Moments, is able to curate posts about the biggest topics of the day and show them to users. Since Twitter has long struggled to attract and keep new users, Moments could make the social network easier to begin using.

Moments capitalizes on Twitter's status as one of the top sources for news. The curation feature will include content about breaking news, sports, awards shows, and other topics that are likely to interest the average person.

This feature is also a departure from the way people normally see content on the network. Rather than only showing people posts from the accounts they follow, Moments pulls content from across the network.

We know finding these only-on-Twitter moments can be a challenge, especially if you haven't followed certain accounts. Moments helps you find the best of Twitter as easily as tapping an icon -- regardless of who you follow. - Madhu Muthukumar, product manager, Moments

Work on Moments began under CEO Dick Costolo and it is rolling out under Jack Dorsey, Twitter's new permanent CEO.