Donald Trump Wants Bill Gates To Help With Closing The Internet

Donald Trump, one of the most ridiculous individuals currently running for president in the US, now wants Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates to help in closing the internet. Trump told a crowd that the US should consider "closing the internet up in some way" to fight ISIS. Before it is closed up, Trump wants Gates to contribute his knowledge.

Even though any measure that would greatly crackdown on terrorists online could end up infringing on First Amendment rights, Trump didn't seem to care. When talking about people who are concerned about freedom of speech, he said, "these are foolish people, we have a lot of foolish people."

Trump's suggestion is more absurd than what we've heard from other candidates, but in the age of ISIS, many politicians are focused on the internet. Hillary Clinton, the lead Democratic candidate, recently said tech companies should "deny online space" to terrorists and she also discarded concerns about First Amendment issues.