Apple Announces First Bug Bounty Program, Arrives In September

Apple has put together a bug bounty program for the first time that'll be open to hackers in September. The program was announced at the Black Hat conference and it'll only be available to those invited by the company. Hackers can receive a cash reward if they discover vulnerabilities in Apple's products, particularly its latest devices and software.

There are five categories of bugs people can report under the program:

  • Exploits in secure boot firmware
  • Extracting data from Secure Enclave
  • Executing malicious code with kernel privileges
  • Accessing iCloud data on Apple's servers
  • Accessing user data from a sandboxed process

Depending on the bug that's found, Apple is offering up to $200,000.

While it is invite-only, you can get an invite by disclosing an important bug to Apple.