MediaTek Releases Helio P15 Chipset, Features 10% Performance Improvements Over Helio P10

To improve its mid-range offering, MediaTek has announced a new chipset of the popular Helio series. The new Helio P15 is a successor of the Helio P10 and comes with minor performance and battery optimizations, which are still enough for some customers.

The chipset should offer 10% performance increase over the previous generation and better power efficiency, although it still uses the same TSMC 28nm process as the Helio P10, so don't expect any big battery improvements. The octa-core Cortex-A53 processor is clocked 200 MHz higher, while the GPU is 100 MHz higher.

Other than that, the chipset is identical to its predecessor. As for the availability, we have no information, but it should make to various budget devices very soon.