Latest Dell XPS 15 Won't Support Intel's Speed Shift Tech

Dell XPS 15 computers were released over a year ago and the lineup has been recently updated with Kaby Lake processors, but unfortunately owners are still waiting for Dell to fix some things, like Intel's Speed Shift. The technology is not supported and according to Dell's representative, there are no plans on supporting the tech.

Both the XPS 9550 and 9560 models won't get new BIOS update that would support the Speed Shift. The good thing is that Speed Shift can still be enabled through software such as ThrottleStop or R/W Everything, but obviously the BIOS update would be a simpler solution.

If you haven't heard, the Speed Shift technology was implemented with Skylake architecture and is a successor to the Speed Step. It enhances performance, while also optimizing battery life.

"Dell engineering has advised me today that Speed Shift will not be enabled on the 9550 and 9560," said Justin C, Dell's representative.