Twitter Launching 24/7 News Streaming With Bloomberg

Twitter is partnering with Bloomberg to create a 24/7 news streaming service. It'll build upon Twitter's existing interest in livestreams, which led to 800 hours of live premium video being viewed by 45 million people during Q1 2017.

The new Bloomberg-sourced news streaming service hasn't been fully detailed, so it's not clear if it'll differ in any notable way from the average news service.

It is going to be focused on the most important news for an intelligent audience around the globe and it's going to be broader in focus than our existing network, - Justin Smith, CEO, Bloomberg Media

With live video, Twitter also gains another way to monetize its platform.

The news streams are expected to begin in the Fall. They'll go beyond Bloomberg's existing news coverage to integrate broadcasts from its global news outlets with a "curated and verified mix of video" from users.