Facebook Uses Print Ads In UK To Warn About Fake News

Facebook has taken out full-page newspaper ads in the UK to warn people about fake news and to tell them how they can spot illegitimate stories. It purchased ad spots in major newspapers, including The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, and The Times.

In the ads, readers are told to remain skeptical about stories and to read other reports about the topic. If a story contains "shocking claims," it's even more important to be skeptical and to look for corroboration.

Facebook is partnered with Full Fact, a fact-checking charity, for the initiative. Together, they say people can "limit the spread of false news" by following tips of this sort.

People want to see accurate information on Facebook and so do we. That is why we are doing everything we can to tackle the problem of false news. To help people spot false news, we are showing tips to everyone [...] how to identify if something they see is false. - Simon Milner, Facebook

These ads are showing up in the UK ahead of the country's general election on June 8.

Facebook's interest in heavily combating fake news really showed up after it was criticized for unintentionally becoming a platform for Russian propaganda against Hillary Clinton in the US presidential race.