PS Vita 2000 LCD Display Compared To OLED Display In The PS Vita 1000

In a new 5-minute long video, the LCD based LED display on the PlayStation Vita 2000 (first refresh) is extensively compared to the PlayStation Vita 1000 (original) OLED panel over a multitude of games. The results are somewhat in line with what we had expected.

The new PS Vita PCH-2000 packs a display that is far inferior to the beautiful 5-inch qHD (960 x 540) display on the original model. Not only are the colors more accurate on the OLED panel, poor white color and a certain green hue can also be spotted in various parts of the comparison video in the LCD panel. It's almost sad that a refresh of this powerful portable console is actually inferior to the original, but then again, Sony needed to produce a slimmer, lighter console with longer battery life. There's got to be trade-offs, and this is just one of them (we will find out more once the console is on sale).