Hyperloop One Announces 10 Possible Track Locations

One of the two major Hyperloop companies, Hyperloop One, has released a list of the 10 strongest possible track routes around the world. It came up with this list after carefully reviewing proposals from hundreds of teams around the world. It considered infrastructure, technology, and regulatory limitations.

The best routes exist in the US, UK, Mexico, India, and Canada.

Hyperloop One will now further investigate the routes, including from a business angle. It'll determine which are most likely to succeed based on factors like forecasted usage.

The company is planning to build Hyperloop-based systems for both regular and cargo transport.

Here are the routes:


  • Cheyenne - Denver - Puelbo (360 miles)
  • Chicago - Columbus - Pittsburgh (488 miles)
  • Miami - Orlando (257 miles)
  • Dallas - Houston (640 miles)


  • Edinburgh - London (414 miles)
  • Glasgow - Liverpool (339 miles)


  • Mexico City - Guadalajara (330 miles)


  • Bengaluru - Chennai (208 miles)
  • Mumbai - Chennai (685 miles)


  • Toronto - Montreal (400 miles)