Toxic Overwatch Players Are Delaying Game Updates

Toxicity issues within the Overwatch player community have held up the release of game updates, says game director Jeff Kaplan. Commenting on those issues, Kaplan noted, "the community needs to take a deep look inward." Maps and features have regularly been delayed as Blizzard tries to "make people behave better."

Some players regularly ruin matches for their teammates. Of course, this is a problem with nearly every popular multiplayer title.

In the latest Overwatch "Developer Update" episode, Kaplan primarily talked about the player toxicity problem. He said if the issues don't begin to resolve, more features will be delayed so that Blizzard can create new mechanisms for curbing bad behavior.

We want to make new maps, we want to make new heroes, we want to make animated shorts. But we've been put in this weird position where we're spending a tremendous amount of time and resources punishing people and trying to make people behave better. - Kaplan