Essential PH-1 Gets Important Software Update

Andy Rubin and its Essential company were expecting more from its flagship smartphone, but various delays and not so good reviews, due to very bad camera, have forced the company to make some changes. The Essential PH-1 smartphone has now received an important software update, with a main focus on camera performance.

You need to install a software update with system build NMI81C to get improvements to the camera. The complete list of changes are:

Boosted capture speed in regular and low light to below one second (over 40% faster)

  • Improved brightness and performance in l0w-light
  • Improved spacial sound when shooting in 360-degree mode (supported on the device and on Facebook and YouTube)
  • Ability to use up and down keys as shutter buttons in 360-degree mode
  • Countdown timer when in 360-degree camera mode
  • Bug fixes and overall reliability improvements