Twitter Strengthens Policy Against Non-Consensual Nudity

Twitter has updated its policy against revenge porn and other forms of non-consensual nudity to "better protect victims." The social network is growing its definition of non-consensual nudity and it's also implementing more significant penalties for sharing the content.

Along with revenge porn, the definition applies to "hidden camera content" and any other pictures or videos "not intended for public distribution."

It'll often need to receive additional information from the victim themselves before it can take action against an account. The account that posts the content may be banned, though in circumstances deemed less severe (i.e. the account isn't the original poster or the content wasn't clearly non-consensual) there may just be a temporary suspension.

To help prevent our teams from making a mistake and removing consensual intimate media, we may require a report from the actual subject or their authorized representative prior to taking any enforcement action. We will reply back to those reports via email and request that the subject provide documentation to verify their identity. - Twitter