Lawmakers, Others Want Facebook To Tell Users They Saw Russian Propaganda

126 million Americans were exposed to content ultimately stemming from the Russian government during the 2016 US election period. Because of how significant that content's reach was, Facebook is facing calls from lawmakers and others to inform all affected users that they saw Russian propaganda.

During a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing attended by the company, Senator Jack Reed asked, "Do you feel an obligation... to notify those people who have accessed [those deceptive foreign government posts]? And can you do that? And shouldn't you do that?"

Facebook's general counsel said he was unsure the company could send out notifications of that sort. First, it may not be able to identify all the individual users who saw the content. Second, it would be notifying over a hundred million people.

A petition demanding a similar move by the social network has received upwards of 83,800 signatories.