64-bit Mobile SoCs Coming Sooner Than Expected

DigiTimes reported that industry's big shots, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, and even Broadcom are working round the clock to bring their own 64-bit ARM-based mobile SoCs sooner than planned. In fact, we might get to see demo (working) samples debut at CES, next year. That MediaTek has already announced a true octa-core solution and has landed deals from many top and mid-tier Chinese OEMs is only pushing the top dogs to bring out their own big guns earlier. But semiconductor companies see Apple's A7 64-bit SoC as an even bigger threat, and perhaps Apple's latest and greatest has worked as a shot in each of their arms to rework their roadmaps, bringing 64-bit chips earlier than we had originally expected.

Meanwhile, MediaTek's own 64-bit ARM chips have been delayed to 2H 2014 in favor of their new octa-core solution.