News tagged: Hacking

PUBG Taking Measures To Reduce Hacking

Hacking is a widespread issue in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) even though its cheat system is already banning upwards of 6,000 accounts per day. To try and make the game more suitable for people playing by the rules, the development team says improvements are coming.

Major Security Flaw Discovered With WiFi Protocol

A devastating security flaw has been discovered in the main WiFi security protocol, putting millions of people at risk. Mathy Vanhoef, a researcher with imec-DistriNet, discovered a vulnerability in the WPA2 protocol, which is used by essentially all WiFi devices globally.

Russia Hacking The Phones Of NATO Soldiers

Russia has been targeting the phones of individual NATO soldiers in countries like Poland, according to sources speaking with The Wall Street Journal. The hacking has led to compromised smartphones and social media accounts, with some soldiers reporting a loss of contacts.

Equifax Breach May Have Been State-Sponsored

Equifax may have been the target of a state-sponsored hack, according to Bloomberg. Some investigations are yielding signs of government involvement. It's possible a Chinese group was responsible for at least part of the operation. "Many" of the implicated tools are Chinese.

CCleaner Malware Was Targeted At Tech Companies

It appears the malware that spread through CCleaner downloads was targeted at some of the world's largest tech companies. The targeted nature of the attack wasn't initially clear, but it has since become evident, according to posts from Avast and Cisco's Talos research group.

CCleaner Spread Malware To Millions

CCleaner, a free system maintenance application, has been spreading malware for up to a month. Hackers exploited a vulnerability with the software's download channel, meaning anyone who recently installed the software also installed malware. This attack has impacted millions.

FTC Looking Into Equifax Hack

There's an active investigation from the FTC into the Equifax hack, which compromised the personal data of up to 143 million people. Equifax revealed last week that hackers could have stolen Social Security numbers and other kinds of sensitive, personal info.