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Mass Effect: Andromeda Added To EA, Origin Access

Mass Effect: Andromeda can now be played for free if you have a subscription to either Origin Access for PC or EA Access for the Xbox One. Andromeda will be accessible through the Origin and EA Access Vaults so long as you remain an active, paying subscriber.

FIFA 17 Reaching EA, Origin Access Soon

EA Access and Origin Access will receive the latest entry in the FIFA franchise later this month. FIFA 17 will become available in the library on April 21, enabling subscribers to play it without an extra expense on Xbox One or PC. The game came out in September 2016.

Titanfall 2's Multiplayer Is Free This Week

If you haven't purchased Titanfall 2 yet and aren't quite sure if it's worthwhile, you can check out the game's multiplayer for free this week. Respawn Entertainment and EA are opening up the multiplayer mode on November 30 for EA/Origin Access members.

Origin Access Getting Eight PC Games This Summer

Eight more PC games will be added to the Origin Access vault by the end of the summer. The service, which is the PC version of EA Access, will have a total of 37 games once these additions are made. Origin Access launched in January of this year for $5 per month.

FIFA 16 Joins EA/Origin Access For Xbox One, PC

FIFA 16 is now available for free if you're an EA/Origin Access subscriber. The game, which came out in September 2015, has joined "The Vault," meaning it can be downloaded free of charge as long as you're a member. It takes up 16.87 GB on Xbox One and 15 GB on PC.

Titanfall Free On PC Through Origin Access

Titanfall for PC can now be played for free if you're signed up for Origin Access. The EA-run program costs $5/month and gives you access to a number of downloadable games. With the addition of Titanfall, Access' "Vault" now includes 17 Electronic Arts games.