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Origin Updates Its Evo15-S Gaming Laptop

Origin Evo15-S gaming laptop was unveiled last year, but due to release of new Intel processors and NVIDIA graphics cards, the company has decided to launch a new, updated version. Due to internal updates, the Origin's new gaming notebook is also slightly bigger.

Origin Announces New Gaming Laptop

It is very easy to find a good notebook for $500, but if you want better performance, especially while gaming, be prepared to pay up to $1,000, or even more, depending on your needs. Origin has today announced a new laptop aimed at budget-oriented gamers.

PC Specs Announced For Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda's spec requirements on PC have been revealed. Origin published the minimum and recommended specs for the game before its release in March. At the lowest end, the game calls for a 2 GB GTX 660 or Radeon 7850, along with an i5-3570 or FX-6350.

Titanfall 2's Multiplayer Is Free This Week

If you haven't purchased Titanfall 2 yet and aren't quite sure if it's worthwhile, you can check out the game's multiplayer for free this week. Respawn Entertainment and EA are opening up the multiplayer mode on November 30 for EA/Origin Access members.

Battlefield 1 First DLC, Premium Pass Detailed

Details about Battlefield 1's first DLC pack and the game's Premium Pass have been released. The Premium Pass comes with four expansions, early access to new multiplayer maps, and various items like weapons and skins. It'll cost $50, according to a page on Origin.

Origin Access Getting Eight PC Games This Summer

Eight more PC games will be added to the Origin Access vault by the end of the summer. The service, which is the PC version of EA Access, will have a total of 37 games once these additions are made. Origin Access launched in January of this year for $5 per month.

Titanfall Free On PC Through Origin Access

Titanfall for PC can now be played for free if you're signed up for Origin Access. The EA-run program costs $5/month and gives you access to a number of downloadable games. With the addition of Titanfall, Access' "Vault" now includes 17 Electronic Arts games.

EA's Origin Store Running New Years Sale

EA has officially kicked-off New Years sale on Origin Store. Various PC games are now being sold at hefty discounts. The recently released (and exceedingly well received) Dragon Age: Inquisition is selling for only $39.99. FIFA 15 is also selling at the same price.

Origin Has SimCity 2000 Available For Free

As part of On the House, SimCity 2000 Special Edition has been made available on Origin for free. The game includes the SimCity Urban Renewal Kit as well as other in-game content like movies and cities. The game had been available on Origin for $6, but now people 

Bejeweled 3 Free On Origin

Bejeweled 3 has been added to Origin On the House, the program that Origin has been running to give away free copies of certain games. As long as you pick up the game before October 28, Origin lets you keep the game indefinitely. Bejeweled 3 can be downloaded

Origin Now Offering Wing Commander 3 For Free

Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger, one of the most beloved games to be released in the mid-90's, can now be yours for free – if you're quick. Logging into Origin before September 2 will award you permanent, free access to the classic space shooter. The game

Battlefield 4 Public Beta Goes Live

The first public beta of Battlefield 4 just went live, letting Origin users at large experience online multiplayer gameplay of the season's most hotly anticipated game. The 5-odd GB Origin download lets play levolution map Siege of Shanghai in three modes.