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OnePlus 5 To Get EIS Support For 4K Videos

OnePlus 5 got off to a rocky start after it was accused of cheating in benchmarks. There were a few other problems with it, and users have already received a software update that fixed some of the issues. OnePlus hosted an AMA on Reddit answering all its fans' questions.

Reddit Aiming For More Funding, $1.7B Valuation

Reddit is reportedly looking for additional funding and a $1.7 billion valuation, according to Bloomberg. The latest round of funding is set to include around $150 million. Reddit last raised money in 2014, receiving $50 million in a round led by Y Combinator's Sam Altman.

Reddit Adds Location Tagging For Posts

Reddit has been making some changes recently that are turning it more into a social platform and the latest is the addition of location tagging. Users will have the option of adding their location to posts, a function that is currently powered by Foursquare.

Reddit's Beta User Profiles Open To Everyone

Reddit's updated user profile setup can now be enabled by any user. The feature is still in beta and it lets people basically receive their own subreddit-like community that exclusively features their own links and text. You can adjust your content's visibility.

Reddit Limiting Subreddit Customization Options

In a move that has already upset many users, Reddit is limiting the customization options that subreddit moderators have. Over the "coming months," the site will stop supporting custom CSS on subreddits. Those in charge of communities on the platform have long controlled design.

Reddit Updates, Renames Public Front Page

Reddit has adjusted its front page for non-users to make the site more inviting. Instead of being presented with r/all, visitors are going to see r/popular, which pulls in content from a larger array of sources. Subreddits filtered out of r/all and NSFW content are absent.

Possible Release Date Of Nintendo Switch Revealed

Nintendo promised to share more details early in 2017, on January 12, but the company has no plans to launch the console then. Instead, Nintendo confirmed that the Switch is scheduled to hit the shelves sometimes in March and according to new information, we might know when.

Reddit CEO Admits Editing User Comments About Him

Comments on Reddit are usually left as-is or deleted, but it turns out there's another option if a post upsets CEO Steve Huffman. Posting under his official "spez" username, Huffman admitted last night to anonymously editing comments that talked about him in a negative way.