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Xiaomi Announces Smart Mi Router HD

There are various routers available on the market, but Xiaomi decided to design a smarter router. The new Mi Router HD is not a normal wireless networking device. It is designed to maintain connectivity in your home or office that also has a surveillance-class hard drive inside.

Google Launches OnHub Router

Google now has its own router. The OnHub, which was just announced, is a simple easy-to-use router that'll be available for $200. Google says this router offers high performance, an easy setup, and a way to connect smart home devices. The OnHub uses a cylindrical tower design.

Eero Is A Router From Nest Designers

The Eero is a new, stylish router from the same designers responsible for Nest. Eero is meant to be stylish because it can be easily placed in an optimal place without ruining a home or office's look. There are also smart features included with the router that